epona farm

Sanctuary (n) a place of safety, peace, and shelter.

Epona Farm Sanctuary (n) A place of hope and faith in the equine and human spirit, and its boundless potential. A place of self-compassion and renewal.

"Healing the self means committing ourselves to a wholehearted willingness to be what and how we are...beings frail and fragile, strong and passionate, neurotic and balanced, diseased and whole, partial and complete, stingy and generous, twisted and straight, storm-tossed and quiescent, bound and free." - Paula Gunn Allen

 With a caring team, we encourage natural interactions with the horses and the farm environment, a full immersion into the lives of these sentient creatures through observation, empathetic care, creative expression and thoughtful touch. It's our Heart Work With Horses.

 Let us help you find your way to holistic sanctuary with the help of equine assisted wellness...